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Semco MT Series 10: An affordable solution for testing of printed circuit boards


  • Features a Hinging 3/8” thick FR4 Probe Plate
  • Rugged 1/2” thick clear Polycarbonate Lid  
  • Five piece sheet metal pan design facilitates modification of the pan for installation of connectors, fans and other components
  • Tooling holes provided to help insure accurate drilling and alignment of plates
  • Optional sheet metal pan depths available
  • ESD option available


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Semco Part Number

How To Determine UUT And Pan Measurements

Kit Size
Max UUT Size
Max UUT Size with Stripper Plate
MT101    (ASM-1001)   8 x 12
5.00 X 7.50
5.00 X 7.00
MT101S  (ASM-1002)  12 X 8
9.00 X 4.50
8.75 X 4.50
MT102    (ASM-1003)  12 X 16
9.00 X 10.00
9.00 X 10.00
MT102S  (ASM-1004)  16 X 12
13.00 X 8.00
12.75 X 6.75
MT103    (ASM-1005)  16 X 20
13.00 X 14.00
13.00 14.00
MT103S  (ASM-1006)  20 X 16
17.00 X 10.00
17.00 X 10.00 **
MT104    (ASM-1007)  20 X 24
17.00 X 18.00
16.75 X 18.00
MT104S  (ASM-1008)  24 X 20
21.00 X 14.00
20.75 X 13.75
MT105S  (ASM-1010)  30 X 20
27.00 X 14.00
26.75 X 14.00
All dimensions in inches 
 ** Other sizes available for this stripper plate; consult factory.





How To Determine Kit Dimensions

First Dimension: Left To Right
Second Dimension: Front To Back
Example:    ASM-1002 MT-101S 12" x 8"
12 " Left to Right, 8" Front to Back


Slope Pan Dimensions
Kit Size
Overall Dimension
A       B
ASM-1004-SLP PAN - MT102S
16" X 12"
4.8"     7.9"
ASM-1006-SLP PAN - MT103S
20" X 16"
4.8"    8.95"
ASM-1008-SLP PAN - MT104S
24" X 20"
4.8"    9.95"




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Kit Size

Choose a kit size based on the size of your printed circuit board to be tested.

Upper Head Option

The Upper Head consists of the 1/2" thick clear polycarbonate lid, handle assembly, hinge assembly, and latch blocks.

Stripper Plate

A Stripper Plate is a spring-loaded FR4 plate that helps support the unit under test (UUT). It also protects the probes from damage.

ESD Protection

The ESD option is recommended when there are static sensitive devices on the U.U.T.  It consists of a Static Dissipative laminate bonded to the FR4 probe and stripper plates.  The Polycarbonate lid is also ESD coated.

Pan Depth

The sheet metal pans provided on Semco kits are available in different depths, allowing components, cooling fans, or additional hardware to be installed inside the pan.

Gas Arm / Carlson Hinge Spring Supports

The Gas Arm lid option replaces the standard Carlson spring hinges.


When the Microswitch opton is installed in the fixture, it signals "Begin Test" when actuated by closing the top lid.

Riser Blocks

Riser Blocks raise the polycarbonate lid to accommodate tall components on the UUT (Unit Under Test).  Riser blocks are recommended when you have components taller than 1.2".